Kenpo For Life

Any Age, Any Ability

Welcome to Regina’s only low-impact wellness program combining stretching, fitness, movement forms, and self defense into a friendly
group setting!.No matter if you're recovering from an injury, wheelchair bound, or just looking to improve your quality of life, this low impact martial arts program is a safe and enjoyable exercise option because it can be easily adapted for those with health or mobility issues and the movements are slow and steady. You will see results in your daily exercise routine for strength and stability.

Benefits of Martial Arts in Daily Life

  • Improved physical strength
  • Improved balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved cognitive function and memory
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Decreased risk of high blood pressure
  • Reduced depression and anxiety

Meet Your Instructor

Simu Malia Carson B.Ed, 1st Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Carson has been training in kenpo for over 10 years, with knowledge of 10 empty hand forms, 4 weapons forms, and dozens of self defense techniques. As a French immersion teacher by profession, she ensures no detail is overlooked while delivering personalized instuction to everyone she teaches. She single-handedly developed a high school martial arts curriculum for students to begin in grade 9 with the goal of receiving a black belt alongside their grade 12 high school diploma. In 2019, she received a gold medal for her demonstration of the form "Lo Han" (seen below). In 2021, she became the first ever student to receive a black belt after enduring a 5+ hour test while 3 months pregnant. In 2022, she led a women's self defense program for nearly 50 students. The Seniors program is very exciting for her because of its reliance on forms and stretching as she witnesses lives improving on a weekly basis..

Join the Shaolin Dragon Family

  • Lowest student/teacher ratio in the city - expect to receive the highest level of quality instruction
  • No formal commitment - combine kenpo with other activities!
  • Bring a buddy! Friends and family are encouraged to train together
  • We build YOUR kenpo: no matter the age or physical ability, learn at your pace

Training the Mind, Body, and Spirit

If it was up to us, everyone would learn kenpo. We see so many people suffer from a slip & fall injury (for example, break a hip on ice) that creates a gateway to depression, obesity, and in some cases further injury. From day 1, we will practice the skills that break that chain. Plus, kenpo is a natural way of life - you'll find yourself using it for everything from grocery shopping to gardening!

Students start with a foundation of stretching to activate every muscle group. With the body ready, we learn basic stances and movements. We apply these to a pattern of basic techniques known as a form - think of the subtle flow of Tai Chi. Learning never stops: as the form becomes routine, students will see the real life application of the techniques.

No matter the reason for joining, kenpo will apply to every aspect of your life. From meditation to controling your mind, to nutrition for a refreshed body, to confidence for your spirit!

Ready to Join?

We welcome any person of any age or ability. To start, all that is needed is some comfortable gym clothes (black preferred, but not essential) and a positive attitude. Upon receipt of your registration (see below), you'll be contacted by the instructor, Simu Malia Carson, who will provide further details.

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