Kids, Youth & Teen Martial Arts Classes

Recommended For Ages 6-17 (Lower ages with parental supervision)

What makes our youth martial arts class so great?

  • Lowest student/teacher ratio in the city - expect your child to receive the highest level of quality instruction
  • No formal commitment - combine kenpo with other activities!
  • Bring a buddy! Parents are welcome to join in too!
  • Kids play games every class!
  • Opportunity to compete in at least one tournament per year
  • Teens train at a high performance athlete level
  • We build complete martial artists: stances, blocks, punches, kicks, self defence, tumbling, tournament sparring, anti-bullying, nutrition, and meditation
  • Parents will notice an improvement in their child's confidence, attitude, fitness, concentration, and discipline

Ready to Join?

We welcome any person of any age or ability. To start, all that is needed is some comfortable gym clothes (black preferred, but not essential) and a positive attitude. Upon receipt of your registration (see below), you'll be contacted by our head instructor, Mr. Carson, who will provide further details.

Train Hard and Become a Dragon!

If it was up to us, every young person would learn kenpo. Grades would become as high as their confidence, and they would grow into strong young adults. Plus, kenpo is a natural anti-bullying mechanism.

Students start as "tigers" - before they can fly and flow like a dragon, they must learn how to stand. Stances turn into kicks, kicks turn into jumps, jumps turn into flying. As the tiger grows, it learns to control its power, and only uses kenpo as a last resort to uphold honour.

No matter the reason for joining, kenpo will apply to every aspect of your child's life as they grow. From meditation to control their mind, to nutrition to fuel their performance, to training to heighten their fitness, to discipline to manage bullies, to tournaments to showcase them as champions!

The tiger becomes ... the Dragon!!!

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