Adult Training


“To control the power of Kenpo, you must first control yourself. Train your spirit as you train your body, developing strength, balance, and harmony as you learn. The master of Kenpo is more than an expert in Karate. They are a martial artist. They are the master of themselves.

The tiger is strong and quick. He does not think, therefore cannot act. He can only react, respond. The tiger is strong and fearless but it can't initiate action.

The dragon is also very strong but full of wisdom. He fears what his strength can do. The dragon always has a choice; the tiger, never.”

Become a dragon ... train with us!

Stretches, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, Kicks

... and that's just our warm-up.

We welcome any adult students, no matter  age or physical ability. You start training by activating all muscle groups from head to toe. Then, push the limits of your flexibility and balance. Lastly, rapid fire kicking builds cardiovascular strength, endurance, and agility. 

Rooted in Tradition

Every week we focus on a required concept  for each rank. Teachings are based on real-world situations. No matter why you train - street defense, art forms, weapons, tournament fighting, or just fitness - you will learn and apply martial arts history as you grow in a complete art form.

Applied to Life

With key basic techniques studied and practiced, we apply them to versatile sets that will prepare you for any confrontational situation. We call it AKAD - Advanced Kenpo Assault Defense. Whether an attack comes by way of strike, kick, or weapon, you will be prepared to defend and adapt ... fast.

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